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Telvel Brest Industry LLC

Telvel Brest Industry LLC is the manufacturer of stainless steel products (equipment) for meat and dairy industry etc., and offers cooperation in the area of stage improvement of equipment for meat and dairy works, arrangement of expert warranty service maintenance of equipment manufactured. The company was founded in 2005.

Telvel Brest Industry LLC offers the following own-manufactured equipment:

  • stainless steel storage containers (horizontal, vertical, with supporting jack and platform shoe) /up to 100m3/;
  • inspection hatches;
  • container mixers (gate, bladed, spiral, anchor ones etc. based on customer’s drawings and sketches);
  • maintenance platforms for technological equipment;
  • containers for cheese salting and ripening;
  • shelves (metal perforated or wooden ones);
  • smoking and sausage frames;
  • trays for soft cheeses;
  • sewage ladders (vertical, horizontal, circular-, square-shaped, with down exit end, side exit end, cleanout ones);
  • sewage flumes;
  • cable troughs (wire or enclosed);
  • platforms, racks of different configuration;
  • tool trolleys;
  • baths (technological, for salting, self-pressing), washers;
  • guard rails, safety enclosures, skirtings;
  • hand rails and pool steps;
  • pressure trolleys (pneumatic and manual);
  • industrial and cooler doors (hinged and sliding);
  • conveyors, roller tables, carrier vehicles;
  • other devices based on customer’s sketches.

Telvel Brest Industry LLC performs installation works, provides services on repair (extensive repair) of the equipment installed.

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