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Installation of towel rails 12.08.2017

Correct selection, installation and connection of the heater is carried out in several stages and it is very important that consumers are aware of these actions.

The use of heated towel rail in the bathroom will greatly enhance the convenience and comfort, will provide:

  • drying of wet towels and small items;
  • creation of a comfortable temperature mode;
  • prevents mold and mildew.

Connecting of towel rails to the heating system

Apartment buildings in our country do not allow the installation of towel rails in the circuit of the heating system. Its installation is carried out in hot water for continuous use. In this case, the tie-in is a compensating loop hot water system and, if connected incorrectly, may cause violation of proper operation of the hot water pipeline of the house. Also installation requires additional elements – frame new pipes, fittings, etc. it is therefore recommended to choose the towel of domestic production, corresponding to the SNiP and GOST. For buildings the towel foreign brands may be used without restrictions.

For connecting radiators to the heating system it is necessary to consider the use of a combined unit for a full year-round operation and in the absence of heating.

For elimination of electrolytic corrosion, it is recommended not to use items towel and water mains of different materials. To plastic (polypropylene) pipes can be connected to any heated towel rails. The towel rails have standard center distance – 500mm.

The towel rails can be connected via:

  • side connection;
  • lower connection;
  • diagonal connection.

For installation in new buildings or after extensive repairs, the value of the landing distance is not determinative. Its value is important when tapping into an existing hot water system – selection of the heater is carried out taking into account the distances between the bends of the pipeline.

When different diameters of pipe system and used heated towel rail adapters and fittings. Pay special attention to the diameter of the pipes of the heater – it must be smaller than the diameter of the pipe system to avoid accidents. Each model has its own particular connection that must be considered during installation.

When connecting to the taps we recommend the use of so-called “American”, ball valves and bypass (jumper) – this allows, if necessary, easily removed towel, leaving the hot water.

When you replace a device for a new set mate connectors are connected and fixed to the wall. Pay special attention to the lack of leaks of the coolant for avoiding conflicts with neighbors and material losses.

Connection of electric towel rails

For connection of electric towel warmers, it is required a separate weatherproof socket with a special supply cable section not less than 2.5 sq. mm. from a separate breaker in the electric panel and a good ground to eliminate shock hazards.